Where’s My Website?


I hear it alot.

“Where’s my website?”

Nine times out of ten, your website is under construction, being held up. Why?

95% of web clients don’t supply the needed information: graphics, copy, and other pieces materially necessary to create a great website. When we agree to take the time to do your website, that moment starts a process of a million little pieces.  The domain has to be purchased. The domain has to point to our servers. The domain has to have hosting. Which package is best? What type of website suits the business, a CMS site or an HTML site? Who is the audience…… yadda yadda. Even the most simple site is a huge process, and one that takes meticulous planning, intrinsic thought on som many levels, and proper follow up.

Getting your pieces in order, such as photography, marketing descriptions, price lists, etc. all help speed up the process. If pieces are MIA, the project is put on hold.

Time Oh Give Me Time…
We probably don’t need to subject you to a lame Boy George song to drive home the point that all the million pieces of a website takes time. GCIS and Column Group Media try to price our services low enough for our area, but at the same time, clients must understand we are working on multiple projects at once. Exclusivity, as with any industry, costs more. We can be bought, however. Call us and show us the money!

The average website creation takes at least a month, from first client meeting to something up on the server. A good website is truly never done, it is a living breathing document that showcases your business, and changes with the reflection of your marketing philosophy.

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