Social Media Marketing

Twitter. Facebook. Search Engines. Social Media. What does it all mean?

Social Media Marketing has been  growing in the past few years. Some online businesses don’t even bother with any type of search engine marketing – they choose instead to focus their efforts to create their spot on major Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Myspace, etc…

If you serious about your online marketing, having a solid presence in social media is a must! If you don’t have the knowledge nor the time to achieve it, we can help.

Why you should consider doing Social Media marketing, and why should you choose us to do the work:

  1. It’s natural. Not only do you get organic linking without obvious patterns, your website is exposed to large groups of people in a random fashion. This differs from paid advertising which has in-your-face commercial sales tactics.
  2. It’s defensible. Social communities can be a great source of traffic, on top of any web traffic you are already receiving from search engines. Its difficult to easily increase your search engine traffic, but social media traffic can be easily controlled through strategic marketing.
  3. It’s low-cost/high returns. If done by yourself, costs are limited to only time and perhaps the expenses involved in hiring a freelance programmer/designer. The benefits will often exceed the cost. It would take you thousands of dollars to buy many links; social media has the ability to give you that for free.
  4. It complements other efforts. Social media optimization and marketing is usually community-specific, not interfering with any other methods of getting traffic to your website. It can and will fit perfectly with an advertising campaign targeting other websites or search engines.


Social Media Marketing is the toughest form of Marketing. Sure, it’s easy to just setup an account here and there and yak with random people, but it’s certainly not as easy to engage the right individuals, in a way that they will befriend you, follow you, trust you and eventually evangelize their friends for you!

Professional Social Media Marketing is a strategy game, and depending on how you play your cards, the power of the masses can play for, or against you. At GCIS, we follow these strict steps for every new SMO project, to make sure that your initiative “goes viral” in the good way…

  1. Analyse the networks : we scan the networks and find the most appropriate ones for your niche market.
  2. Set Goals / Benchmarks: what do you want to achieve? What results do you expect from your SMO initiative?
  3. Find Groups and Communities: inside the social networks, we seek out the groups and communities where your target audience is gathering
  4. Develop and Rollout: do you have any Content to share? Interesting and useful content is key to capture your users’ interest.
  5. Identify your fans / Influencers in the community: some will be more active than others in your fan pages, groups and blogs. Those individuals should be rewarded in order to turn them into evangelizers for your brand. This is when the true word-to-mouth starts!
  6. Offer giveaways / Develop incentives to attract more people and eventually generate more word-to-mouth. Whether it be an ebook, a t-shirt, a coupon or any kind of virtual gift, incentives are important to make people come back and talk about your brand to their friends.
  7. Engage and facilitate conversations by asking questions, launching polls, quizzes, sweepstakes.
  8. Measure results and adapt the strategy based on what worked and what didn’t.

Email Gulf Coast Internet Services to see how we can help you start a solid Social Media initiative for your business.

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