I am not paying you to update my website! I can do it myself! How do I turn the computer on again?


You had the best intentions.

You were going to learn to use that gi-normous box of software you paid a fortune for, when you intended to create that super-duper website for your company or yourself. Never mind the instructions look like they are written in some language from a bad Star Trek episode (and not even STNG) …

You had the best of intentions. Then, reality sets in. Not only have you not written one word of code, you can’t figure out how to install the software. Or even where to put the CD in the computer…

If this sounds like you, stop there, and sign up with us on a web maintenance contract. We don’t have to be the creators of your site, but its far cheaper on you for us to maintain it on a monthly basis than to FIX it once its hacked to death.

Getting into the coding, updating, and management of a website is a career all its own. Your time is stretched thin enough already. If you are in business, you’re are busy running your business, managing employees, tracking incoming and outgoing stock, and finding new customers and clients to pay for it all, right? Let us handle the website. You handle your business.

Creating a website with the guidance of a professional, trained consultant is supposed to be a pretty pleasant experience. You work together to create a site that serves the business – not the other way around. The site reflects the company goals and direction, and steers potential clients or information seekers through your bricks and mortar doorway, or to your online store. Once your site is up, however, the dragon rears its head.

“I want to maintain the site myself! I don’t want to pay you to do it.”

Many clients have called us over the years wanting to “try their hand” at maintaining their own site, only to call back in tears, frustrated that they can’t figure it out. We spend countless hours on “tech support” calls, all on our own time, trying to calm, to educate, and to fix.

Many people call us, all hours, day and night, and weekends, wanting to know how to do something, or fix something, they broke that originally worked correctly. Nine times out of ten, when we tell them to do a general command such as “copy this text here, go down and paste it there”, the clients say “I don’t know how to do that!”

Well. Here’s an example. You go out and buy a Chevy Duramax Diesel truck. Nice truck, nice price. You get it home, drive it awhile, and decide you want to change out some system for something cooler/faster/better you heard about. So you pull the truck under a tree, get out your handy little four piece Dollar Store tool kit, and go at it. Strange, your new shiny truck won’t start. Worse than that, it caught on fire! You call the Chevrolet Dealer and tell him you want him to come fix this truck… it was running fine when you bought it! Guess what the dealer would say….????

Same here. We spend many many manhours (and WOMAN hours) creating your site, making it perfect for your vision, your market, your products, your clients. If you are not comfortable with the basics of running a computer (actually for web creation/maintenance you need far more than basics), and if you don’t have the correct tools (software), you need to leave the tinkering to us.

Contact us today and set up your website maintenance contract. We’ll both get more sleep.

Still want to do it on your own? Community colleges and evening adult education classes usually offer web design and coding classes.

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